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Birgit Holzer, born in Kelheim, Bavaria, in 1981, lives and works in Paris since 2009. As a Paris-based correspondent reporting for German-speaking newspapers, she writes about French politics, economics and society (tourism, gastronomy, culture, fashion etc).

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  • Studied modern German literature, communication and European ethnology in Augsburg and Lille
  • Journalism studies at the journalism school ifp, Munich, including several traineeships (Bayerischer Rundfunk, arte, etc.)
  • Scholarship for a media exchange program between MedienCampus Bayern e.V., Munich, and Quebec, Canada







  • „The best 30 under 30“, medium magazin, 2012
  • Award „The regard of the foreign press“, Foreign Press Association (APE) in Paris, print media, 2014 and 2016

The Paris Office

“Paris will always be Paris” is the title of an old chanson. And yet, despite boasting a long history, the city is in a constant state of flux – it is the absolute center of France.

Since the terrifying attacks in 2015 the Parisians did not turn their backs on their home town: „Ici, c‘est Paris!“ is the prowd motto of those young generations.
What events are shaping French politics and society even beyond the borders of its vibrant metropolis which is often outshining the French „province“?
What is characteristic for those regions?
And what about French politics which its „hyper-concentration“ on „Monsieur le Président“, its affairs and psychodramas that are often astonishing the European neighbours?
What is the state of the German-French relationship?


Since 2009 Birgit Holzer is writing about Paris and France, its regions and its overseas departments, proposing reportages, interviews, analyses and op-ed pieces.

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